Spring’s snow.
Trees heavy with the weight of candy blooms.


The way you gaze –
big blue skies looking down at me.


Beats resound and I’m transported to euphoria.
It’s non-existent here.
That boom that tickles my being, those sounds that unify, dignify, sanctify this life we live.
What is a day without it?


The red moon rises and there will be tears.

Another day of sorrow passes and night comes – silent and still.
Those left behind shed their salty sadness and droplets greet the graves of loved ones who were.

They see the red moon rise and there are tears.


Clouds – they speak to me in pictures.


There is too much to leave behind.
It overwhelms.
Angry tears at forceful decisions – and then a heart that falls.
The sound of home – oh bliss

but the lure of adventure beckons me back.


Everything turns a melancholy tone – exhausting life’s colour palette, your hopes fade.
You reach for that horizon.

That dull overtone they call ‘depression’ is disease in your first world city. It eats your society till they are left to wallow in pitiful self woe.

Wake up – open your eyes to tangible joy.
Grab it – hold it, hug it, embrace it, beg it to encompass you till breathing is peace.


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