Fool’s Gold

If Monday is merciless in its nasty habit of ruining the weekend mindset – there’s some seriously funksome music going down at Borderline on 16th September. Los Angeles based collective Fool’s Gold magic in some tropical/Israeli influenced tunes from their City of Angels. African influenced melodies are eclectic, energetic and with crooning harmonies from lead singer, Luke Top, you don’t care about the fact that you don’t understand a word – your feet do enough listening as they shimmy their way across some beautiful world sounds. It’s a mash up of West African textures and beats as well as whatever it is that makes these chaps tick. The musicians are lovely, the music superb and you can expect dancing delights left, right and center.

I managed to catch a quick word with Fool’s Gold at Standon Calling Festival last weekend

Your festival essential is…?

Luke Top: My Hat

Lewis Pesacov: Marijuana

Salvador Placencia: Sunglasses

If you could have a superpower for this weekend alone, what would it be?

Luke Top: I would never grow tired, therefore, never need sleep

Lewis Pesacov: A never ending high

Salvador Placencia: The ability to fly

Monday night. Destination: Borderline.


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